Moving Forward: Receiving and Accepting Your True Identity
This resource provides readers the opportunity to discover their true identity by processing key elements and discovering truths about themselves that have been hidden due to trauma and/or negative experiences.
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"We receive and accept our identity when we choose to believe unapologetically
in the truth
that describes who we are."
- Robin Simpson

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I'm Robin

Author, Mental Health Educator and Public Speaker

I have a passion towards motivating and encouraging individuals - especially our youth - to be everything they are destined to be.

I also enjoy having conversations on mental health.

My viewpoints have been shared on various platforms across the nation.

I am also the founder of Overflow Ministries, a Christian faith-based initiative.


" Your name speaks for itself in that, a robin is the first thing one looks for in the springtime-
bringing with it an expectation of good things to come.
Thank you so much for sharing your story. "

Courtice Secondary School

"Robin Simpson can be described in the following adjectives:
Considerate, Thoughtful, Sincere, Generous, Observant, Puts Other Needs Before Her Own and Proactive.
I have never met someone so unselfish in my life. Robin is humble and I can always approach her for anything,
even if I just need to talk to someone about something really bothering me."


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