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" Your name speaks for itself in that, a robin is the first thing one looks for in the springtime- bringing with it an expectation of good things to come.
Thank you so much for sharing your story. "
Courtice Secondary School

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Home isn't a place, it's a feeling.
A moment of gratitude that I hope encourages you and displays the tiniest ways we are shown how loved and wanted we are.

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EXODUS: a story and a songLoneliness, Anxiety, Pandemic, Hopelessness

Moments in the wilderness that lead us to our promises can often be a difficult one. In this film Robin shares her journey through stories and songs of what it was like being thrown into the fire only to climb out as an overcomer with a song and declaring that Hope is Here.


GLASS: mental health peer support group
GLASS is a 18+ monthly peer support group that invites those who share a common experience in regards to mental health to gather, do life together, be accepted and receive peer led support in a stigma free environment.

Hope Is Here

A collection of songs to uplift and remind you that hope is here.